About Us

Hunam is an overall solution for preparing and obtaining coffee. Whether they require coffee on a daily or annual basis, our customers will no longer need to contend with various suppliers as Hunam provides full scale of services to customers from start to finish.

We aid coffee lovers in an all-encompassing method, through licensed educational courses. Hunam is a place where our trainees, coffee enthusiasts, and visitors are able to watch coffee beans being roasted right in front of them.

Our coffee beans are roasted in Tehran’s singular industrial district of Kaveh. Owing to our network of connections with the best coffee farms and coffee suppliers in the world, we have access to the best quality of coffee beans which are then roasted by our Probat roasting machines.

We are delighted in our ability to provide the highest quality and comprehensive services to our customers. Whether our customers need raw or roasted coffee, we are here to provide the necessary services for them.

Hunam began taking shape from our young team of personnel, with the emphasis of utmost determination and latest scientific knowledge, we decided to rely on the skills and capabilities of a young workforce from within the borders of this country.

Owing to the fact that this industry is quite young in Iran, Hunam has employed young energetic and highly educated staff, with the aim of creating employment within the frame work of this field.

Hunam proudly leads the coffee industry in Iran and has worked for over 12 years under the commercial name of Bon Café Pars where its presence gained valuable experience in Iran. We possess all the necessary equipment and facilities to be able to provide the best and most special services required by our customers.

Our slogan is: coffee that is better than the services, services that are better than the coffee

Why “Hunam”?

Hunam is an Iranian company and performs all its activities within the borders of Iran while maintaining its Iranian identity. Keeping this in mind, the name of this group has been inspired by and selected from the Shahname of Ferdowsi, meaning “Name of goodness” or “name of good fortune

.(Additionally, “Hu-“ as a prefix in Hunam, also implies the Keeper of the Deer, Emam Reza (AS