Matcha Tea

Matcha, or matcha green tea, is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves

This tradition goes as far back as 4000 years before. The green tea plants for matcha are shade-grown for about three weeks before harvest. This slows down growth, stimulates an increase in chlorophyll levels, turns the leaves a darker shade of green, and causes the production of amino acids. This process provides a sweet and gentle aroma to the tea while presenting a lighter shade of tea. The tea leaves are picked by hand in order to not damage them. Also, machines are never used to harvest these leaves. Small volumes of leaves are picked from the matcha plant. The harvesting process occurs only once a year. Owing to this, cultivation of matcha has expanded however the price is higher.

History of Matcha Tea

The history of this lovely beverage goes back 4000 year. It was discovered during the period when traditional herbal medicine was expanding and developing in China. The famous herbal practitioner was drinking hot water and a few leaves had fallen from the plant nearby. He drank it and realizing the enjoyable effects and decided to add it to his herbal pharmacy.  In the 8th century, Japanese monks discovered matcha tea in china and brought it to Japan. The monks realized that drinking matcha improved their Zen meditation sessions by producing a state of calm alertness. For this reason, the monks began to import this tea into japan for many years. Slowly, drinking matcha tea became common among all people in Japan. Not long after, the cultivation of matcha tea in Japan began. These events occurred and expanded in various ways all over the world until the 16th century.

Japanese farmers began to do something amazing. During this century tea drinking traditions began to take shape. The name of these tea ceremonies in Japan are called sado or chado, where the art of making tea is put to the test. It was during these times when the Japanese cultivators realized that by placing the tea leaves in the shade, the tea undergoes major changes. So, they would Tana the young leaves. Meaning they would cover the young tea leaves with various items such as bamboo and rice shoots. During this period, matcha powder was produced in small quantities. Drinking this tea was a privilege of the royal family, high ranking monks, samurai, and affluent tradesmen. However, it wasn’t long after when new methods of cultivating and processing matcha appeared. This tea gained high popularity among the people of Japan and owing to its many health benefits and later, it was shared with the rest of the world as well.

Matcha Derivatives

In Japan, matcha is not limited to one type of tea or beverage, rather it is used as an ingredient in a wide range of food recipes, snacks, and deserts. Of the popular and highly admired beverages that contains matcha, one can name the cold matcha, mint matcha, ginger matcha, cinnamon, and cocoa matcha tea. Recently, green tea ice cream, has become a favorite desert. Many foods are prepared, using matcha as an ingredient. These foods typically contain mocha, saba noodles. However, the advancements of uses of matcha don’t end here! It is even used in various confections and pastries. This development of the uses of matcha is not limited to Japan only. In America and Europe matcha has been used as an ingredient in various alcoholic beverages. Starbucks also uses matcha in some of its cold beverages.


Caffeine in Matcha 

The amount of caffeine in Matcha is less relative to coffee, the caffeine in matcha slowly enters the body. Instead of a quick boost of energy, caffeine from matcha is uniformly absorbed over the course of 3-4 hours and the body receives less of a shock while increasing its energy.

Components of Matcha Tea

This green tea has high amounts of anti-oxidants, fiber, cathicine, magnesium, chrome, zinc, chlorophyll, and a variety of vitamins such as E, K, C, B, and A.

For more information regarding this spectacular beverage and how it is prepared, stay tuned with Hunam as we will explore this subject more in our later articles.


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Americano Coffee

A coffee that is prepared with hot water and espresso is called an Americano. To put it simply, an Americano is made by adding hot water to espresso. The strength of this coffee is dependent on the number of shots and added water.

This coffee looks like a lot of other drip coffees in appearance. But it has an amazingly stellar taste that sets it apart.

The Emergence of the Americano

The word Americano goes back to 1970. The phrase Americano Coffee is unique to Italy for American Coffee. The story goes that this coffee was first created by an American G.I. in Italy during World War II. The G.I. diluted his espresso with hot water to approximate the strength of the coffee they were accustomed.

How to Prepare an Americano

First it’s important to know that the portion of an Americano is larger in volume than an espresso. So it is best served in a large glass or big mug.

Preparing this coffee is simple. First, we need to prepare an espresso shot by using a percolator or espresso machine. Then we will need hot water, you can use hot water directly from the espresso machine, which is used to make the shot, or you can use water boiled in a kettle.

Now we combine the ingredients. First pour one shot of espresso in the empty mug. Then add boiling water. The amount of hot water you add depends entirely on how you would like your Americano to taste. In general, the amount of hot water is twice as much as the amount of espresso. However based on how thick or light you would like your Americano you can add hot water or more shots of espresso. For a double Americano, you will need two shots of espresso (meaning the amount of espresso is doubled).

Additionally, the result of the combination of a 1:1, hot water and espresso is called an Italiano.

Long Black

Long black, similar to the Americano, is an espresso that is diluted with hot water. The difference being that for an Americano, the espresso is pour into the cup first followed by hot water. But in the Long Black it is the opposite. Meaning first the hot water is poured then the espresso shot is added. The difference in appearance of these two is that the long black has a layer of creamy foam that is formed on the surface of the glass whereas this is absent in the Americano.

Iced Americano

Ice Americano is a combination of espresso with ice, instead of water. It is a popular beverage during hot summer days.

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آفوگاتو و طرز تهیه آن

What is an Affogato

Affogato in Italian means drowning. It is an espresso based desert originally from Milan, Italy. This desert usually contains one scoop of ice cream or vanilla gelato with one shot (cup) of hot espresso coffee. The espresso can be poured over the ice cream or the ice cream can be completely submerged in espresso coffee. In other words, affogato is a coffee based desert. This attractive item is categorized as a desert in coffee shops and Italian restaurants. However, outside of Italy; some cafés offer it as a warm beverage on their menu. In Italy, this desert contains one spoon of vanilla gelato with one shot espresso. It must be noted that the combination ratio differs by region.

Affogato history

The first affogato was prepared by a few policemen in Britain. Such that, one policeman had a few scoops of McDonald vanilla ice cream and another had a double shot espresso. They decided that they would combine the two. So they poured the espresso on the ice cream and their creation was a one of a kind delightful desert.

How to make an affogato

Before starting you will need sturdy and strong glass cup with a wide rim to be chilled in the freezer. The pleasure of eating this desert is increased when the ice cream and its serving dish are chilled. Additionally, chilling allows the ice cream to stay cold when we are preparing the espresso.

Add two scoops of ice cream to the chilled glass cup. You can also use chocolate or vanilla gelato. (Italian ice cream has a variety of flavors with less fat and cream which is more suitable for an affogato)

Now it is time to prepare a shot of espresso, preferably using an espresso machine. If you do not have an espresso machine you can brew thick coffee with a French press or mocha pot instead.

Right after the espresso is prepared; slowly pour it over your ice cream. You can use items like pistachios, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cocoa, or bitter chocolate to decorate and flavor your affogato. Sometimes the espresso is served alongside the ice cream so that the individual can pour the espresso over their ice cream themselves. This method of serving adds to the excitement and indulgence of this desert.

One of the attractive features of this delightful desert is the combination of sweetness of the ice cream with the bitterness of the espresso. Thus, hot espresso should be poured over cold (unmelted) ice cream. (tip: after preparing the espresso, in order to give it even more flavor, you can add a few bits of chocolate to the hot espresso then pour it over your ice cream)

When you pour the espresso over the ice cream, the ice cream begins to melt creating foam on the top of the affogato. After the ice cream cools the coffee the desert looks like a cold and delightfully half melted ball in your dish.

This desert has a wonderfully special flavor. In addition to its simple preparation method, trying it for the first time can be a unique experience as well.

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چای ماچا

How to Prepare Matcha Tea

In our previous article we discussed the history of matcha tea, in this article we will explain how to prepare this delightful tea, so stay tuned with Hunam

How to Prepare Matcha Tea (the Japanese Traditional Method)

In order to prepare matcha green tea, you will need a cup, matcha agree tea powder, and a bamboo whisk. Then follow the directions below:

First, sift approximately 1.5-2 grams of matcha powder (about one tablespoon) in order to remove impurities. Then add to the cup.

Warm some water, note that the best temperature for matcha tea is 79⁰C. So, just before the water boils we must remove it from the heat source.

Add the water to the cup with matcha powder.

With bamboo whisk, whisk the mixture for about one minute so that the tea and water combine. A bit of foam should appear on the surface.

Now your tea is ready to be enjoyed!

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Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee is a cold coffee based beverage that is the best solution for a coffee lover on a hot summer day. The base is coffee with ice and in some cases other things are added to this beverage such as milk or ice cream. Two things are important to take note of before making an iced coffee

The coffee you will be using must be very thick. By adding ice and other ingredients the thickness of the coffee is reduced (specially, when the ice begins to melt). So the coffee you brew must be highly thick.

The coffee should not have any coffee grinds left in it. So, a Turkish coffee would not be suitable for this purpose and it is best to use espresso coffee.

:How to prepare an iced coffee

آیس کافی

There are numerous types of iced coffee all over the world with various preparation methods. From milky iced coffee, chocolate, shakes, to the many types of iced coffee prepared in various countries such as Japan, Thailand, etc. These varieties also have provided a wide range in preparation methods. We will explain one of the methods of preparing iced coffee in this article…

First you will need about 3 shots of espresso. So we will brew a thick coffee.

Chose a tall glass with a wide rim and add ice cubes.

Add milk to the cup until half full (in this stage you can also add cream if you like)

Add the coffee to the mixture in the glass.

Wait a few minutes for the temperature to stabilize. Now enjoy!


Benefits of Iced Coffee

In addition to being a great choice of beverage on a hot day, iced coffee also has its own benefits. For example iced coffee could be a good choice for those who experience upset stomachs by drinking warm coffee. Additionally, it has a role in potentially decreasing heart problems.


آيس کافی


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اخبار قهوه - هومگ ، مجله خبری قهوه

Fatty Liver Disease and Coffee

Coffee News

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You probably have heard of the phrase Fatty Liver Disease many times. It’s a disease that can be dangerous and in many cases fatal. It’s interesting to know that by drinking coffee you can prevent this potentially fatal disease.

Based on Hunam’s Research, the existence of fat in the liver is normal to a degree. But if this level of fat in the liver exceeds 5-10% of the total weight of the liver, the individual has fatty liver disease. Researchers at the University of Napoli, Italy, found that drinking 4-5 cups of coffee per day can combat this disease. Studies were conducted where the effects of coffee on mice were analyzed studying. Researchers discovered that drinking coffee on a daily basis, can prevent fatty liver disease by reducing permeability of the intestines. They found that drinking 6 cups of espresso, can improve some of the main symptoms of this disease found in mice that had a high fat content diet.

اخبار قهوه - هومگ ، مجله خبری قهوه


One of the research members of the University of Napoli stated: “in our previous studies, it was determined that coffee can prevent damages caused by non-alcoholic fatty liver. However, this is the first time that it has been proven that coffee can reduce permeability in intestines as high permeability is seen as the main aggravator of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.”

With the progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, if left untreated, it can lead to liver scarring and eventually to cirrhosis of the liver which can be fatal.

Drinking coffee stimulates the metabolism through glucuronic acid. This acid simultaneously stimulates the liver causing fat to burn while decreasing the release glucose in the blood stream. Individuals will not necessarily need to change their diet to lose weight. the glucuronic acid stored in body fat as well as saturated fats are reduced in the liver allowing the body to burn fats more efficiently.


اخبار قهوه - هومگ ، مجله خبری قهوه

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فواید قهوه - هومگ ، مجله خبری قهوه

Benefits of Coffee

Benefits of Coffee

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Whether coffee is more beneficial or has adverse effects for the physical health, has been a continuous debate. Whereas, some researchers maintain that drinking coffee is harmful to the body, still, many other researchers claim that drinking coffee has a positive impact on physical health. In this article we will explore some of the benefits of drinking coffee:

Based on Hunam’s Research, the studies and research on coffee have revealed that, coffee is not harmful. Rather, it has many beneficial qualities for our health as well. This article will discuss a few results of the benefits of coffee on the body:

  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease: the studies on the relationship of coffee and its impact on brain health have revealed that regularly drinking coffee can potentially reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by 16%.
  • The liver: 9 studies were conduced regarding this issue. Scientists discovered that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis. Based on these results, drinking one cup of coffee during the day will reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis up to 22%. Additionally, it was proven that drinking more coffee, reduces this risk much more.
  • Depression: a study was conducted on over 50,000 women.The results showed that drinking at least one cup of coffee during the week can reduce the risk of depression by 15-20%. Researchers of another study conducted on 100 thousand men and women, discovered that individuals who drink coffee reduced their risk of suicide by 45%.

فواید قهوه - هومگ ، مجله خبری قهوه

  • Heart disease: 200 studies were re-examination. of the results revealed that individuals who drink 3-4 cups of coffee each day reduced their risk of death of cardio vascular disease by 19%.
  • Cancer: researchers found that drinking at least 3 cups of coffee during the day reduced the risk of obtaining cancer by 18%
  • Type 2 diabetes: studies have shown that every extra cup of coffee drank during the day can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 7%.
  • Decrease in early death: studies were conducted on over 500,000 European individuals, over a 16 year period. The results confirmed that men who drink 4-5 cups of coffee per day reduced their risk of early death by 12% and in women 7%.


فواید قهوه - هومگ ، مجله خبری قهوه


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پیشگیری از سرطان با قهوه - هومگ ، مجله خبری قهوه

Coffee, Preventing Cancer

Preventing Cancer with Coffee

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Coffee is considered one of the most popular beverages in the world. Whether consumed at home or at work, Coffee is one of the most pleasantly delightful beverages. However, even if you are a coffee lover who drinks it regularly on a daily basis, you might not know the surprising benefits of coffee in preventing cancer.

Based on Hunam’s Research, patients with colon cancer can potentially live longer by drinking coffee on a daily basis. Colon cancer patients, who undergo chemo therapy, have received the most positive impacts by drinking 4 cups of coffee per day.


پیشگیری از سرطان با قهوه - هومگ ، مجله خبری قهوه


A new study was conducted and published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. Results revealed that regularly drinking caffeinated coffee can prevent reoccurrence of colon cancer after complete remission. After analyzing the data collected from 1000 participant, the results revealed a 42% reduction in reoccurring colon cancer in patients who drank coffee relative to those who didn’t drink coffee.

Many other studies have been conducted regarding the preventative and protective qualities of coffee for cancers such as liver cancer, melanoma, prostate cancer, and post-menopausal breast cancer.

پیشگیری از سرطان با قهوه - هومگ ، مجله خبری قهوه

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فواید قهوه بر افزایش طول عمر - هومگ ، مجله خبری قهوه

Coffee Increases Longevity

The Benefits of Coffee for Increasing Life Expectancy

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Based on the latest scientific research, drinking coffee can help prevent cancer, heart attack, and diabetes, resulting in a longer life.

Based on Hunam’s Research, Studies have confirmed that drinking coffee, even drinking decaffeinated coffee, can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. These studies have been conducted over 700 thousand participants all over the world. The results have been analyzed and examined by numerous experts and scientists.

Study Number 1: The examination of 10 Main Reasons of Death in America

In this study, a group of researchers from University of Southern California, University of Hawaii, and the National Cancer Institute analyzed coffee drinking habits of over 185 thousand Americans. The study began in 1993. The results showed that individuals who drank 2 or more cups of coffee per day, had an 18% increase in longevity. Whereas, individuals who didn’t drink coffee had 16%.

فواید قهوه بر افزایش طول عمر - هومگ ، مجله خبری قهوه

Study Number 2: Coffee and Early Death in 10 European Countries

This study collected and examined data from 521 thousand participants. the subjects were living in 10 different European countries: France, Denmark, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden, and England.

The results showed that 25% of individuals who drank the most amount of coffee had a less risk of death relative to those who didn’t drink coffee at all.

The most important feature of coffee which has this impact is a component called Polyphenol. It is an active anti-oxidant which fights free radicals.

Polyphenols are structures that exist in coffee. They are a rich source of anti-oxidants that have anti-inflammatory qualities and can prevent cancer. So, it plays a role in preventing numerous diseases.

It must be noted that these two large studies, were not sufficient to prove that coffee increases life longevity. However these studies strongly point in the direction that coffee has many benefits and can potentially reduce the risk of fatal diseases which might lead to a longer life.

فواید قهوه بر افزایش طول عمر - هومگ ، مجله خبری قهوه

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قهوه جلوی ام اس را میگیرد ! - هومگ ، مجله خبری قهوه

Healthy Amount of Coffee

Coffee and Health

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The appropriate amount of coffee we drink, has been a long-standing debated among scientists and researchers. Some researchers recommend drinking 5-6 cups of coffee. Others maintain that drinking less coffee, as in 3-4 cups per day, is beneficial to our health.

Based on Hunam’s Research, an article that was published in The British Medical Journal regarding a study that revealed individuals who drank coffee during the day were less susceptible to diseases such as cancer and liver disease.

Results from a new study conducted at the University of Southampton, England, confirmed research on the heart with regard to the benefits of consuming coffee in balanced amounts. The research director states: “one should always keep in mind the balance between the risks and benefits in any action. However, all in all, there are more benefits to drinking coffee than there are risks. On the other hand, drinking large quantities of coffee, especially during pregnancy, can be detrimental to one’s health. Additionally, one who is not used to drinking coffee, shouldn’t begin to drink coffee because of the benefits. For mature, healthy adults, drinking approximately 400 milligrams or less of coffee per day (about 3-4 cups) will not create any problems.”

قهوه و سلامتی - هومگ ، مجله خبری قهوه

Keep in mind that drinking coffee might not always have a positive impact. Medical sources in Britain emphasize that pregnant women should not drink more than 200 milligrams (about 2 cups) of caffeine per day, as drinking more coffee than is recommended may cause or lead to a miscarriage. Additionally, women with osteoporosis or bone loss should reduce their coffee intake to a minimum.

قهوه و سلامتی - هومگ ، مجله خبری قهوه

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